Twin Cities Professional Graffiti Removal Service

We have the right equipment and knowledgeable technicians to remove graffiti from bare concrete, brick walls, or painted surfaces. Our crew is trained in the right methods and techniques to lift unsightly tags, large or small, year-round, including in winter. Let us know if advance if you have a looming city citation deadline and we will work with you to meet that need.

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Commercial Building Graffiti Removal

Graffiti tagging can be a one time instance or an ongoing problem. Our graffiti removal services are designed to get rid of tags quickly and with little to no hassle for you. Summer or winter, we remove the graffiti without harm to your property and in a timely manner to avoid (or correct) city citations. Prompt removal of graffiti tags will   prevent tarnish to your business image and maintain your buildings aesthetic and value.

  • Brick, Stone, Vinyl, Wood, Metal and Other Surfaces
  • Large or Small Tag Removal
  • Aerial and Highbay
  • Year-Round Graffiti Removal
Commercial Building before Graffiti Removal
Commercial Building Graffiti Removal
Commercial Building before Graffiti Removal
Commercial Building Graffiti Removal
commercial building before graffiti removal
commercial building graffiti removal
Public Property before Graffiti Removal
Public Property after Graffiti Removal
public property before graffiti removal
public property after graffiti removal
public property after graffiti removal
Public Property after Graffiti Removal

Public Property Graffiti Removal

Public space is no place for unsightly graffiti tags. Let our team of professionals remove graffiti from your park or public structures to to restore your public image year-round.

  • City Park Structures, Bridges and Overpasses, Buildings, Light Poles, and Other Surfaces
  • Purchase Orders Accepted for Public and City Projects
  • Water Provisions for Hard to Reach Areas
  • Certified MN WOSB Target Group & Registered Vendor

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Experience the savings when we clean and restore your property.

Replacing property can be extremely expensive and often unnecessary. Contact us first. We will evaluate your needs and bring viable solutions to the table which may be an alternative to costly replacements and repairs. Our proven cleaning and repair processes can save you money, increase your property's value, improve customer retention, and raise your curb appeal.


We have a problem with graffiti in a very difficult spot due to our proximity to railroad tracks. After sending a photo of the graffiti, ABI quickly provides a quote and upon approval provides fast, reliable service with excellent customer service. ABI has been great to work with and we would definitely recommend.
A Brighter Image gave our residents a wonderful Christmas with their beautiful lights! Some residents cried because they were so happy to see Christmas lights. Bill and Jesse were so caring and professional. We can’t thank you enough for the love you showed to all our residents here at Park Ridge Apartments.
Sherry Wagner, Housing Assistant
“Thank you!” for the great job done of removing the refrigerant oil spill on the asphalt driveway on Thomas Avenue for us. A number of people told me it was impossible to remove. You guys were able to handle it in one stop. From the beginning of the process, A Brighter Image, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Steve France, MSP Plumbing, Heating and Air

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